Starlight Biosphere Reserve

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With the arrival of summer, many people take advantage of their days off to travel and see new places. This season provides, among many other things, generally clear skies and there are many who stay until the early hours of the morning observing the sky and enjoying moments in which absolute tranquility reigns.


The Sierra Morena in Seville is located in a privileged place for stargazing and, especially, the Perseids or meteor showers.

The places furthest from the city offer the possibility of enjoying a large number of stars, since the city's light pollution makes it impossible to observe stars. It is true that in the capital it is more difficult to see as many stars as in places in the mountains, where light pollution is greatly reduced, but there are also places where you can observe large amounts of stars.

The Sierra Morena in Seville makes it possible to contemplate the sky without the light pollution that exists in the city. The Starlight Foundation created a certification system, endorsed by UNESCO, which showed those places that had a high quality of sky.

El Pedroso is one of the municipalities declared Starlight Reserve. A protected space in which a commitment is established to defend the quality of the night sky and access to starlight. This appointment has the function of preserving the quality of the night sky and the different associated values, whether cultural, scientific, astronomical, landscape or natural.

Being in the Starlight Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, we have the quality of a night sky that allows us to practice activities when the weather conditions are favorable, thus allowing the practice of night hiking, sky observation, star recognition workshops, planets and constellations.

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